The Temspec Air Medic Unit is a standalone air filtration/sterilization unit offering 4 levels of protection. The unit is equipped with a prefilter, activated carbon filter, UV-C light and a H.E.P.A. filter.  The unit is effective against odors, bacteria, VOC's, bio-aerosols, viruses, contagions and allergens. 

The unit is available in two models.  The 250CFM model with 450CFM purge is suitable for spaces up  to 500 sq. ft., ( 23 sq m)  such as a private office or examination room and the  450CFM  model with 900CFM purge for spaces up to 1000 sq. ft., (93 sq m) such as a K-12 classroom or board room. 

The Air Medic is designed to augment existing  air conditioning systems that cannot be cost effectively retrofitted to provide greater ventilation or increased air filtration. Face masks, 2m, (6ft), physical distancing, and frequent hand washing are still required to pre-vent Covid-19 spread.  (see attached white-paper for further information)